Returnjet launches long awaited Broker API in support of their ongoing campaign to make it easier for everyone to do business.

Returnjet this week announces the release of a dedicated Broker API set to transform the way the Charter market do business. Here Steve Westlake, Aviation Director discusses why the Returnjet Broker API will be so very different from anything else on the market.

There are a number of Broker API’s on the market already. Why are you only launching the Returnjet version now?

Most search boxes that charter brokers display on their websites are limited and therefore used by brokers as a bit of a gimmick to attract new online customers. Most of them provide a basic search function for the client and then requests contact details so they act more like a marketing tool. The Returnjet Platform is a real time search, booking and communication portal for aviation professionals with the most up to date technology and comprehensive data. It has taken us several years to get to this stage and we are now able to provide this technology and data to our brokers and allow them to expose this to their clients. Basically we are giving our system to our brokers so that they can give it to their clients.

So how is the Returnjet Broker API any different?

The Returnjet Broker API can be installed within a few minutes onto the Broker website. This instantly makes the Returnjet technology and data available to the broker’s client base for the purpose of making a flight search request. The Broker can choose how many search results their client can see and how many quote requests they can make for different categories of aircraft. The system instantly provides them the best available option within that category, and the client can make their selections and request a quote. The Brokers are in complete control of the requests and choose which operators to send the quote requests to on behalf of their client. The Broker gets notified each time his/her client performs a search and can step in to assist if necessary.

The Returnjet API will provide the broker’s client with a genuine search interface. The search box that appears on the Brokers website will provide the private client with the appropriate fields and filters that they need to make a targeted search. In effect giving the client the same primary search fields as the broker so that they can put forward a more accurate and professional profile of their needs.

From this stage the system plays out in the same manner as the current Returnjet channel, where Operator quotes come directly back to the Broker who can then review, amend and communicate directly with the operator. They can then choose which ones to present to their   client, after adding their commission and, if required, they can also create a pdf presentation document to send to their client, fully branded with the brokers own livery taking all details/images of the aircraft from the system, cutting down on time to respond to the client with a professional proposal all at the click of a button.

Our API is not intended to take away any of the Brokers ownership or interaction with their clients. Instead, we are giving them an added value channel that they can offer to their clients to increase engagement and loyalty with their client base. It’s a real win-win for all parties involved. And as for the Operator, they transact in the same way as they currently do with the broker directly through the Returnjet platform.

How is the Returnjet Broker API going to be made available to your Brokers?

We will provide simple code to Brokers which they can integrate into their own website. Much in the same way as a client would add the code to run google analytics on their site. It’s very straightforward and we will of course offer support to help if they need it.

And what about a Returnjet App?

This is also in development and due for release soon.

Any final words?

Yes, this project is very much about bringing a product to market that has been designed to meet the needs of our customer – namely the Broker. Our API works the way that a Broker needs it to work, not the way that we, the market or technology dictates it must work.


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