Below are a selection of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Returnjet platform. If you have a question that isn't covered below please don't hesitate to get in contact with our teams who will be able to answer any queries that you have.


Is Returnjet a charter broker?

No Returnjet is not a broker but a search and booking platform for brokers

How much does it cost to use the Returnjet platform?

Absolutely nothing. Returnjet is completely free of charge to bonafide charter brokers and Part 135/AOC aircraft operators globally.

How does Returnjet create revenue?

Returnjet provides point of sale advertising for aviation service providers who look to maximize their profile throughout our user channels. We also charge for our white label products including our search box widget and mobile apps.

How many quote requests does Returnjet process each day?

Our users submit between 500-600 quote requests each day.

What is the difference between Returnjet and Avinode?

  • Returnjet lists all part 135/AOC operators and aircraft worldwide. Avinode only lists the ones that pay to subscribe.
  • Returnjet employs a team of account managers to ensure quotes are returned as quickly as possible.
  • Returnjet is FREE to use for all brokers and charter operators.

How does the Returnjet system calculate the estimated flight price?

Returnjet is not a flight planning system and therefore only estimates the flight time and flight price. The system segments the 3 stages of flight across a straight line distance and applies the standard cruise speed for each aircraft type. With added data analytics the system cross compares estimated flight times and prices with operator actuals and adjusts accordingly. Whilst this can never be 100% accurate it is a very close estimate. We are also starting our first instant quoting module that should give brokers the option to 'click and buy'.

How does real time availability work?

Many operators provide API scheduling feeds for each tail in their fleet which are displayed on each aircraft calendar. This information tells the system when the aircraft is available or not available and also instantly identifies empty legs as soon as they are scheduled. When the aircraft is not available it will not show up in a broker search.

What is the Returnjet empty leg corridor?

The empty leg corridor allows empty legs travelling in a similar direction to show up on broker searches and empty leg monitors. A complex set of algorithms identifies a broker search and then looks for any suitable matches on the empty leg list based on the length and direction of the flight and the percentage of deviation required. This is a unique and constantly developing part of the platform.

What is the Returnjet empty leg monitor?

The empty leg monitor allows brokers to request their empty leg requirements within a specified time period and as soon as a suitable empty leg is posted to the platform by an operator the broker will be alerted by email of this empty leg. The empty leg corridor also applies to the monitor so the platform will also show empty legs that may need a minor divert.

How does Returnjet decide if a flight is a round-trip or two one way flights?

All operators apply their daily minimum flight hours per aircraft per month and the Returnjet system will evaluate the lowest cost between a round-trip with overnight stops and daily minimums versus two one way flights.

What does the "Send to Marketplace" button do?

A broker can only send a flight to marketplace when they have at least one quote returned from an operator. The best quote option can then be sent back to all other operators listed on the original search asking them if they can offer a similar aircraft for a better price or a better aircraft for a similar price. The best quote option only shows the aircraft type, age and price. No operator details are disclosed. This is a particularly useful option for brokers when a search result presents them with a large number of similar aircraft at similar prices.


How do you protect my data and that of my clients?

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and all our teams operate within strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that this happens at all times. A copy of our Data Protection and Privacy Policy can be downloaded from our website, once you have completed your FREE registration.